Feb 06

How To Value Properties Like A Pro

There are four main skills you must master in order to be a successful fix & flipper: Finding Deals Valuing the Property Planning/Estimating/Hiring for Rehab Doing the Rehab The most overlooked is how to properly value properties. New investors find […]

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Jan 25

Data Is An Investor’s Friend

Being a successful real estate investor is based on hard numbers, getting the facts, and making sure you aren’t missing anything. All those little numbers and facts lead investors on long and merry chases through courthouses, county appraisal district websites, […]

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Jan 04

How to Determine an Area’s Average Vacancy Rate

Vacancy rate: This term denotes the percentage of a year that a property will sit empty. It is a very important calculation to include in your numbers when you buy a rental property, but it is also an “average” number […]

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Dec 28

3 Ways to Make the Most on Your Flip

We frequently encounter investors who are not getting hot prices on their flips. Usually, this is directly linked to a few common misconceptions nearly every seller, investor or otherwise, is prone to when they are listing in a market with […]

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Dec 12

Types Of Hard Money Lenders

Are you aware that there are different types of hard money lenders? To begin with, the classification “hard money lender” can describe multiple types of lenders, and you need to know which type you’re dealing with before you borrow. Knowing […]

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Nov 28

Three Approaches To Real Estate Value

There are three methods real estate investors or analysts use to arrive at their opinion of value. One or more of these methods can be used in any given assessment. Typically, the primary method used will rely almost entirely on […]

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Nov 12

How to Calculate Net Operating Income

You can calculate net operating income (NOI) for your real estate investment by using the generally accepted net operating income formula, which is your potential rental income plus any additional property-related income minus vacancy losses minus total operating expenses. Keep […]

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