Investing in real estate for the first time can be unnerving, and, just as with anything else, a helping hand goes a long way. So when business owner Darcy Kempton decided it was time to pursue her goal of getting in the real estate game, she knew how important it was to find the right lender to partner with. Once she found the perfect property to renovate as her very first fix and flip, Darcy began a thorough vetting process to make sure the right team was behind her for her rehab financing needs.

Going into the process, Darcy had only heard negative feedback about private money loans, so needless to say she had many questions and concerns. Furthermore, with 15 other offers on the table for the subject property, there was much pressure for everything to happen fast and seamlessly. After interviewing several lenders to find the right fit, she chose to work with Civic Financial Services’ Senior Account Executive, Kendra Rommel.

“Kendra was amazing to work with,” said Darcy. “She was helpful, knowledgeable, and provided the added value of educating me along the way. She was always responsive and on-point, and was not going to drag her feet on anything. Her entire team truly cared and went above and beyond to make this a good experience for me.”

As owner and principal interior designer of the successful Simply Stunning Spaces, Darcy knows all too well how costly delays can be, and was thrilled with the speed, attention, and support she received from the entire CIVIC staff.

THE PROPERTY TRANSFORMATION:  A Mid-Century Modern Home in La Jolla, California

Purchase Price: $1,480,000.00
CIVIC Rehab Financing Loan: $317,000.00
Current Listing Price: $2,295,000.00

The home was built in 1964 and is a true mid-century gem! With only one previous owner, the La Jolla, California property foots 1,988 Sq. Ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an unbelievable ocean view. Darcy and team had their work cut out for them! Floor tiles were original (and olive green!); the layout was boxy and very closed in; bedrooms were tiny; and, there was no deck or any way to sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous view.

With a love for transforming and beautifying spaces, this was the perfect project for Darcy and her Simply Stunning Spaces team to take on. The view was maximized by adding new frame-less doors for an indoor/outdoor living space, as well as adding a 1,000 Sq. Ft. deck. Dividing walls were removed to create a more open concept, and new flooring, cabinetry, and overhead lighting were installed to replace the outdated counterparts. An additional bedroom and bathroom were added, ceilings were heightened, and new doors, windows, air conditioning, roof and stucco were put in place. Plumbing and gas lines were even updated and reconfigured as well.

Darcy created the kitchen’s mid-century vibe by using contrasting elements throughout the space, including a custom walnut wood bar-top overhang and bright, white quartz counter-tops.

Frame-less bi-fold windows were added to let the ocean breeze flow throughout and lead to an outdoor bar, perfect for entertaining.

The exterior of the home, while lacking interest, had so much potential. With a fresh coat of bright paint on the unique exterior facade detail, the mid-century statement wall was brought back to life.

In the bathroom, round vanity lights were added to provide a classic mid-century style, and the brass detailing on the shower head & light fixtures was contrasted with matte black fixtures finished on the mirrors, pulls, and towel holders.

To learn more about this gorgeous property, click here to visit the Simply Stunning blog post, and look out for the property listing link (featured in the second paragraph)!

FLIP TIPS:  Expert Interior Designer Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Next Flip

If you like this flip, take a few tips from the expert behind it all.  Darcy Kempton, owner and principal interior designer at Simply Stunning Spaces, has been helping clients to elevate and transform their spaces for over a decade. Whether you are new to real estate investing (like Darcy), or you are an avid investor who flips properties regularly, here are some inside tips to help make your next flip a success:

1.  Make sure you’re spending your design dollars wisely, in a way that makes it look and feel like you spent more than you did.
2.  Know where to save, and where you need to splurge.
3.  Create unique memory points, and know what people are looking for in today’s market.
4.  Kitchens sell!!! Using quality materials and focal points in the kitchen will grab the attention of a buyer and make a statement!
5.  When designing an iconic design style, such as Mid-Century, stay true to the roots of a home when presented with an eye-catching opportunity.
6.  Bathrooms are a great place to add interesting and unique elements (like the white diagonal wall tile and blue wallpaper in the bathrooms shown here)!

In working with so many homeowners through the process of redesigning their homes, Darcy holds a unique vantage point in seeing a common thread in what people want. With data from these projects, her insight can appeal to the masses. Darcy takes pride, not only in the amazing designs she creates, but in saving her clients money by helping them avoid expensive design mistakes.

To get the CIVIC team behind you for the financing of your next flip or real estate investment, contact us today!

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