Whether you are an active real estate investor or a novice who is not quite sure whether private lending is the answer, we know at CIVIC that every investor is different. Our clientele comes from a diverse background with different needs and goals. Some investors want to finance a four-unit residential property while others are specialists in multi-family projects up to $5 million. The programs we offer provide the low-cost flexibility investors need and want and we take the time to vet scenarios upfront to ensure a smooth and successful process. We also take pride in providing a quick decision our clients can rely on.

We don’t say “yes” on every transaction. But our clients know that and when we have to turn down an initial application our clients know in advance the reason which in turn educates our clients to identify properties we will approve. At CIVIC, it’s just as important to say no when a deal can’t be funded as it is to say yes. That’s a level of trust that is earned. But saying no to a project is relatively rare. Instead of looking for ways to turn down a deal we find ways to make it work.

Experienced real estate investors can provide plenty of stories about working with a commercial bank and never seeming able to get a deal through the approval process in one piece. With different levels of communication and outsourcing certain aspects of the process a loan would be turned down long after the investor has placed an earnest money deposit with the escrow agent, paid for an appraisal and incurred other expenses.

Our flexibility allows us to provide a product for everyone and we have the ability to adapt our programs to benefit our clients and not the other way around. Our clients don’t have to adapt to a rigid set of guidelines in order to get a deal approved. If it makes sense then we’ll find a way to finance the project. Whether it’s a $250,000 investor duplex or a 30-unit apartment building, we can help find a way to get the project off the ground and ready for permanent funding.

We showcase our standard loan programs which can range in term from one to four years with rates ranging from 8.5-10.5% but because they’re our programs that we’ve developed we can tailor an individual loan that matches your requirements. From the initial assessment to final funding, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure a smooth, quick transaction.

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