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Everyone is trying to sell a house…homeowners and investors alike. With so many properties available, it’s important to find a way to make yours stand out. Here are a few tips that will make your investment property stand out above the rest.


Take them, take a lot of them and take good ones. You need something to persuade people to come to your investment property in the first place. You need lots of pictures that allow people to see your home from various angles. They need to be able to piece together an image of the whole house so they can see a mental map and know it works for them.


An online listing will give your property a ton of exposure, but making sure those passersby know you’re selling is important as well. A visually appealing yard or window sign lets neighbors & anyone walking by that it is available.


Is your property surrounded by good schools? Is it in a quiet neighborhood that’s close to shopping and entertainment? Spend some time describing the strong suits of your property. Get your prospective buyers acquainted with your property and its surrounding area before they even step foot in it to preview. And it’s always important to pay close attention to grammar and spelling…the quality of your write-up could be just as important as its content to some readers.

Social Media

Once your listing is live, share it on social media. Ask friends and family to share it. Buyers can come from anywhere, so use social media to your advantage. A simple post on Facebook can end up getting hundreds, even thousands, of views…and for no cost. In this day and age, there’s absolutely no reason to not market your investment properties on social media.

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