Civic Financial Services grooms new talent following $1 billion historical funding milestone

| Redondo Beach, CA | February 22, 2018 – Civic Financial Services announces the second graduating class of Top Gun, the private lending financier’s elite training program.

CIVIC continues its pursuit to invest in tomorrow’s professionals, with the commencement of this second group taking place only a few short months after that of the first graduating class. The second round of this highly sought-after private lending program received 1,350 applications, resulting in 100 interviews and the selection of 13 final candidates. After a six-week classroom training course, the graduates also completed a six-week mentorship program in which they were paired with senior level Account Executives. After successfully passing both pillars of the program, they have now joined the prior graduating class by advancing to full time Account Executive positions with well over $100,000 annual earning potential.

William J. Tessar, President at CIVIC, is proud of the Top Gun graduates and the tenured Account Executives alike. “As our graduates transition into the lending workforce, it is our seasoned Account Executives who are willing to guide, mentor and elevate them to the next level in their careers,” said Tessar. “At the juncture where hypothetical classroom scenarios collide with the reality of the lending world, our expert Account Executives are there to pave the way. This group of veterans brings a value to Top Gun and the next generation of private lending that is irrefutably priceless.”

Patrick Morgan, Valedictorian of the Top Gun Bravo Squadron, stated in his commencement speech, “I’ve never seen anyone invest in their employees like CIVIC has invested in us.” Jack Helfrich, Director of Sales at CIVIC, shared the fact that two candidates relocated from Florida to California to pursue the Top Gun program. “Moving cross-country is an honor and testament to CIVIC that they would take this step and sway from other promising careers to join the CIVIC family.”

In speaking to the presence of the new Account Executives, Tessar states “the newness that the graduates bring to both the business and the company has truly elevated everyone’s game.”

The newly trained talent joins CIVIC at an optimal time, as the company just recently reached the epic milestone of $1 billion in historical funding. Tessar adds, “To reach this level of volume as such a young company is a huge milestone in lending. I am so very proud of this organization, and I know this is only the beginning of achievements yet to come.”

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CIVIC FINANCIAL SERVICES is a private money lender, specializing in the financing of non-owner occupied investment properties. CIVIC was created by its parent companies, Wedgewood and HMC Assets LLC, to serve investors who don’t fit traditional lending criteria. Wedgewood and HMC, two of the most respected names in residential real estate, provide CIVIC with unparalleled valuation expertise in the real estate vertical as well as access to low-cost capital. With these resources, CIVIC is able to keep all operations in-house so loans are managed more closely, quickly, and efficiently.



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